Frequently Asked Questions

The first Netflix-licensed projector?

Yes, we are the First Netflix certified projector!

What sets us apart from other projectors!

-1.Web Netflix without authorization is unstable. But our UNO5 are directly authorized by Netflix, and we have Netflix APP, you don't need to use a mouse, more convenient

-2.In terms of use, Netflix APP is more humane. Netflix has put forward requirements on our picture quality/sound. We have to meet their quality requirements before they will grant us the Netflix app. But their web Netflix does not have this quality and sound certification.

Can I install youtube in this projector or do I need to buy streaming device?

Hi, you don't need to download YouTube, our projector has already been installed, you can directly log in to your YouTube account to use it.

What is the input lag for playing games with UNO5?

Hi,the input lag for gaming is 8ms with 1080p@60Hz. It can sync characters' actions almost at the same time with invisible delay. Paired with dual 5W built-in speakers, you can hear the sound effects right next to you, which add more fun for your gaming experience.

Is UNO5 projector battery operated or powered?

Hi, this projector needs to be used with a power cord and is very easy to assemble. The length of the power supply is about 110", which is long enough to cover most of indoor use.

After-Sales Service Policy Warranty Information

For Portable Projectors/Home Projectors, COI warrants the COI-branded hardware product purchased on the official COI website, contained in the original packaging, against material and quality defects when used normally for a period of ONE (1) YEAR (or other period required by local law) from the original date of the end-user purchase. If you have any questions about claiming your warranty, please contact us at

Do I need to join the membership first to order?

It's easy to join, all you need is a valid e-mail address and it's completely free. If you need help registering for an account, please contact our customer service email address.